SrProductTherapeutic UseUSDMFEDMFCEP
1Aceclofenac BP / EPAnti-inflammatory
2Ascorbic Acid BP / EP / USPVitamin
3Atorvastatin Calcium Crystalline BP/ EP / USPAnti-hyperlipidemic
4Aripiprazole USPAnti-depressant
5Bifonazole BP / EPAnti-fungal
6Carbamazepine BP / EP / USPAnti-Convulsant
7Celecoxib BP / EP / USPAnti-inflammatory
8Clotrimazole BP / EP / USPAnti-fungal
9Chlorthalidone BP / EP / USPDiuretic
10Diclofenac Sodium (Bromine Free) BP / EP / JP / USPAnti-inflammatory
a) Diclofenac Potassium BP / EP / USPAnti-inflammatory
b) Diclofenac Diethyl Amine BPAnti-inflammatory
c) Diclofenac Free AcidAnti-inflammatory
d) Diclofenac EpolamineAnti-inflammatory
e) Diclofenac DeanolAnti-inflammatory
f) Diclofenac ResinateAnti - hypertensive
11Dihydralazine Sulphate BP / EPAnti-hypertensive
12Hydrochlorothiazide BP / EP / USPDiuretic
13Levetiracetam BP / EP / USPAnti-Convulsant
14Linezolid (Form II)Antibiotic
15Oxcarbazepine BP / EP / USPAnti-Convulsant
16Olmesartan Medoxomil BP / EP / USPAnti-hypertensive
17Rosuvastatin calcium EPAnti-hyperlipidemic
18Sertraline HCL BP / EP / USPAnti-depressant
19Sildenafil Citrate BP / EP / USPErectile dysfunction
20Sodium AscorbateVitamin
21Tadalafil/ EP/ USPErectile dysfunction
22Venlafaxine HCL BP / EP / USPAnti-depressant

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